Alter Nation “Love For Country” Updates

So sorry I wasn’t able to attend the meeting last Saturday. Got caught up with video editing.

Please allow these Updates on Alter Nation Project to make-up for my absence:

June 10, 2014 you sent me this message and I thank you for your diligently reminding me:

Hi Sir! Thank you very much again for attending our meeting last Saturday! About the video commercials, each video is a statement of the group as a whole but you will be acknowledged as the writer for the video you are assigned to..  And yes Sir, after the video commercials, maybe we can do a short movie later! Our next meeting is this Saturday, June 14, 1 pm at Starbucks Katipunan! You can bring your friend as well! And thank you Sir for your idea for the Love for the Philippines Video! It's a great concept! : ) About the participation of Maris School Center for Music and Arts, just let us know Sir how to best proceed with it. The head of the centerl can join us in one of our meetings or we can also have a separate meeting with him at a place and time of his choosing. It would be wonderful to have them with us in the Video! : ) Thanks again Sir and see you on Saturday! : )

To which I have communicated with Jonaf via his timeline and private messaging:

 Rom Cumagun shared Rom Cumagun‘s photoJune 10

Jonaf What is the possibility of Marist School, Marikina Center for Music and Arts participating in AlterNation Reform Movement

He has not responded to date and I am beginning to worry the state of our friendship.

June 11 You to me via FB pm:

Hi Sir! I have already posted my idea for the Peace commercial in our fb group. Is it okay if you also post in our fb group your idea for Love for the Philippines commercial? Thank you Sir.. : )

And my response:

 Rom Cumagun via Teacher Rom Cumagun June 13 at 12:09am

Concept for LOVE OF COUNTRY COMMERCIAL: Goal is to move men's hearts to feel "love of country" and moving can best be achieved using music and arts, Marist School, Marikina can be tapped to perform a nationalistic song and an MTV style video can accompany the audio. Testimonials of young choir members can express their feelings and their initiatives regarding "love for country."

I will continue to reach Jonaf and solicit his support for the project.

Highlighting for Jonaf the other commercials in production:

 Noel Marabut Baga June 9 at 1:55pm · Quezon City

Hi AlterNation! We had a meeting last Saturday at Starbucks, Katipunan. Thank you very much to everyone who came! We talked about our ideas for some of the commercials. We will post our ideas here in the group and everyone please kindly comment and add your ideas din for each commercial! Here's our updated list:
1. Stop Littering Campaign - Elga
2. Clean As You Go in Fastfoods - Hannah
3. Let's Give Our Seats to Senior Citizens and Pregnant Women in Public Transports - Thurees
4. Stop Bullying Campaign - Larissa
5. Stop Corruption Campaign - Chang and Sarah
6. PEACE Now Campaign (Stop Violence and Killings) - Noel
7. Love for the Filipino People, Love for the Philippines - Sir Rom
Our next meeting is this Saturday, June 14, 1 pm at Starbucks Katipunan! We will finalize our plots, concepts and ideas for the commercials! 
See you all this Saturday! Thanks! Let's do this!
hi, for stop littering campaign. simple lang. 
1. Interview random people (cross sectoral sana) and ask them "Nagtapon ka na ba ng basura sa lansangan?" 
2. May scoreboard sa baba ng screen, and every time we have a yes, we put a stick score under yes.
3. Hangang sa mapuno na yung screen ng sticks and eventually mag fade into a pile ng basura. 
4. And yung last person na ask natin, it can be a young child or a mother holding a child, strong No na ung answer and then labas uli ung scoreboard pero may stick na under sa No.
Comments and feedback please.  Thank you! 
Dear All,
Kindly see the "storyboards" I have for the ClayGO campaign. Your comments / feedbacks are very much appreciated.  Lezdodiz!
Alter Nation Commercials Project
Alter Nation Commercials Project
Rough Concept for PEACE NOW (Stop Violence) Video Commercial -- 
(very rough idea pa lang. hehe. help me out with your ideas! Thanks! )
1. 1st Scenes - Scenes of Violence. A person with a cap and handkerchief covering his face pulls out a gun and fires a shot. Other scenes of violence. A bit slow-motion. A bit dark. In between the scenes of violence, the statistics about violence in the Philippines are presented fade-in and fade-out..
2. All of a sudden.. a flash of white light and everyone freezes.
3. Suddenly there's a girl in a white dress. Camera focuses on her. She approaches the person with the gun, touches the wrist holding the gun and, as the girl sings... the gun is dropped..
The girl in white sings: "Let it go... let it go. Can't hold it back anymore".
4. The girl in white approaches and touches the wrist of the one who formed a fist.. and the one who also has a gun.. and as the girl continues to sing.. the fist is released and is brought down and the gun is dropped..
"Let it go... let it go. Turn my back and slam the door."
5. Everyone joins hands, smiles and do a group dance! Medjo slow yung group dance kasi medjo mabagal pa yung song..
"And here I stand. And here I'll stay..."
 "Let it go, let it go. The cold never bothered me anyway.."
6. Chorus is repeated, this time the song is more upbeat and the group dance continues! More lively and faster this time!
"Let it go, let it go" (fade-in while the group is dancing: "Let Go of Violence")
 "Can't hold it back anymore"
 "Let it go, let it go.."
 "Turn my back and slam the door"
 "And here I stand..." (fade-in while the group is dancing: "Stand for PEACE")
 And here I'll stay..."
 "Let it go, let it go. The cold never bothered me anyway.."
Hi! Overview idea for the Videos muna. As you all know, we will make One Video Commercial for each Advocacy so there will be Seven Video Commercials.
However, aside from the Seven Video Commercials, we will also have a Video where we will compile all the seven video commercials into One Compiled Video! Para short movie yung dating. The challenge for us is to connect all Seven Videos under the theme "Love for God, Love for One Another" and integrate them into one whole presentation. We talked about it last meeting and one suggestion was that there can be a recurring character/s who will be present in all of the videos. Tapos, siguro pwde rin na may after-credits scene tayo (parang sa avengers films, hehe) for each video which will connect that video to the next one. Hehe. Yun lang muna yung ideas for now and just feel free to comment and contribute ideas din on how to make our presentation exciting! Thanks.. 
Sharing with you the classic Cornetto commercial. Something to inspire us 
Hi! For those who are assigned to think of ideas for the commercials, just feel free to be as creative as you can be! It can be sentimental, something that will make you reflect, funny or even a musical with dance moves! Updated Assignments:
1. PEACE Now Campaign (Stop Violence and Killings) - Noel
2. Let's Give Our Seats to Senior Citizens and Pregnant Women in Public Transports - Thurees
3. Love for the Filipino People, Love for the Philippines - Sir Rom
4. Clean As You Go in Fastfoods and Food Courts - Hannah
5. Stop Bullying Campaign - Larissa
6. Stop Corruption Campaign - Sarah and Chang
When we meet, tulungan na lang tayong lahat sa ideas! : )
Thanks! See you this Saturday, 1 pm at Starbucks Katipunan! Kita-kits! 
Leaving you with another good commercial from Fita..
Adrian Magpantay Aia Dela Cruz Sylvester Lumbao Rainier Quilao Leigh HaludMaria Christina Simbulan Raymond Mapusao Andes Tillah Ahmed IIRenzo R. Guinto Tristan Frederick Tresvalles Rika Rojas Rodriguez Elga Catibog Nathaniel D. Cruz Oliver Limbo Cheery Orozco Joyce Borromeo Bulao


Noel Marabut Baga And here’s the classic sentimental mcdo commercial:


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