Let Us Love Each Other Tenderly By Sharing Things We Learn

By so doing, we may save our friends from the pains of errors (that they could have easily avoided) had someone shared to them — an insight, a thought, an idea, a recommendation, a critique, a joke, an advice, a learning, a whatever — earlier (even for a split of a second) than them committing the doomed action.

Allow me then to encourage members to share your posts in this group I am moderating https://www.facebook.com/groups/RomCumagunStudentsFormalInformalPastPresentFuture/ . It gladdens me to see members like and comment to posts; it exhilarates me when members post to this group. I invite more activity in this regard. I Invite new members!


Love Me Tender from Rom Cumagun on Vimeo.

Teacher Rom Cumagun / romcumagunmedianewsonline sings Elvis Presley’s “Love Me Tender”


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